Monday, October 27, 2008

palm plant ,my new boarder

yesterday when i came home i had a pleasant surprise there sitting on my newspaper recycling bin was a friend of mine from church,he stands about 3 feet tall and his green silky leaves were spread out to me one over the microwave and one peeking down my small hall way.
this sweet little palm plant got to make his performance on Palm Sunday then after Pasha he became relegated to the out doors behind the church with his other 2 palm plant friends.
during the summer while fixing up the patio area on the side of the rectory, Laura and i decided to take a minute and admire the new windows being put into our church. i happened to walked around the back of the building and found these 3 sad little plants looking very courageous with their little pots sitting on a sand pile.
we'll being nature loving people, Laura and i decided that these little guys needed a place of honor again, so we moved them to the patio area to be eyed and enjoyed by all who came to visit st.Michael, through the summer and fall.
but alas the warm weather is over and they ended up in the church basement. i asked my husband Sunday to pick one up after coffee hour, to make his home with us through the cold months and maybe,if i don't send him to his demise, he will be able to make his grand appearance next Palm Sunday.
i have to admit Palm Sunday has always been a favorite of mine. i can see Jesus sitting on a donkey riding into the city while people are throwing palms and robes on the ground for this simple animal carring this great and holy cargo on his back.i can almost hear the crowds yelling "hosanna, hosanna blessed is he"
i was very fortunate to be chrismated on this holy day, i really did not feel worthy enough to be made a part of the orthodox church on pasha evening, but Palm Sunday made me very happy.there is truly something so wonderful about this holy and blessed day and i feel lucky to be able to take this little plant home and see him every day unil spring comes again and maybe if all works out he will be back in St.Micheal in his place of honor again.

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