Sunday, October 26, 2008

canadian fest

after work yesterday my husband and i went to Putnam for the first ever Canadian fest.they boasted of crafts,food and traditional Canadian music.
i thought since all of my grandparents came here from Canada it would be interesting to hear traditional music and see traditional dance since I'm not sure what is traditional to priest fr.peter has ancestors who came from Scotland and settled in nova scotia. so his traditional dance should be something Gaelic. my relatives came from France and settled in Quebec, so what do we do the minuet? just kidding
to my surprise the music and dance was very much like what the people who came from Canada and settled in Louisiana do,i think arcadian is what its called and the dancing reminded of what people the in the hills of kentucky did in the 1930s'.
it was also nice to hear french Canadian spoken,when i was a child that's all my grandparents could speak, i never really got to verbalize much with them although every time we would visit my grandfather would try his hardest to get me to say " good night" in french, poor man try has he would i just couldn't get it or remember it.
now days i'm much better at understanding Parisian then Canadian french. but for my grand fathers sake here goes...."Bonne nuit, grand p`ere

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Laura said...

Funny, I can still hear the language, that I never learned to write. It was also Canadian French. How did you get so clever? Maybe I didn't learn the French too well, but I knew when to run! Rather, I can drum-up those wonderful Canadian meatpies, and other treats my mem taught me. No wonder they are so thin, dancing like that will do it everytime. Must have been fun. Thanks for sharing.