Wednesday, October 8, 2008


i like to cook and have done so since i begged my mother when i was 10 years old to teach me, at that time i wanted to learn because my mother worked second shift and my fathers' favorite night time recipe was hamburger stew, which was quite good but lost something after the first couple of weeks.i found that i really did like cooking and by the time i was a teenager i would make complicated recipes, home made breads and
pastries. the harder it was the more i enjoyed it. now i do not have the time or patience to do the really complicated things so i have learned short cuts and how to doctor recipes up to make them taste the way we like them. my husband is a good one for going some where eating something and saying "you should make this its good" so i start hunting for recipes on line,in cookbooks and asking friends in hopes to make what he likes. cooking to me is freeing when I'm not bothered and it makes me feel creative,especially when i get it right. this time of year you can not beat the smell of home cooking and comfort foods summer is nice but its way to hot and humid to cook but in the fall the more I use the stove to cook the less we have to have the heat on since the stove helps heat the whole house. I swear we eat our way through the fall and winter I know I can very easily put on a good 10 or 15 pounds by the time spring comes I wonder how I will fit into my spring and summer clothes.every year i say i will watch what i eat but then by Christmas it's all out of control and the party is on.(literally)

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