Monday, October 20, 2008

hospice in the nursing home

after leaving one of my patients on friday when i came in today she did not look well this morning. she and her family decided during the weekend to make her cmo(comfort measures only) we do only what will make her comfortable and nothing else unless the family or patient request i spoke with the daughter who in tears asked me to make sure her mother was not going to suffer.i had to bring the subject of hospice to her, this is always very uncomfortable for the family because they have just come to the realization that the end of life is near but they has a child will be losing their parent and friend. it never matters how old your parents are loosing them is always very traumatic.
i am not allowed to push hospice on a family but i am allowed to ask if they have considered it or will take the time to think about it.
hospic is one of the best groups we have in our nursing home they send rn.s' who specialize in death and dying and make suggestions on how to help these patients to transition into the inevidable, they have aides who spend an hour a day with the person doing things like manicures listening to music and just talking with them,things our aides do not have time to do since they take care of 10 patients a piece. also they have their own ministry fr. john is one of the best to help patients meet their spiritual needs and make some sort of peace with God.
this would be a very depressing job for most people but these special dedicated people are some of the best and always rise to the occasion when they are needed. they are sympathetic to the end and feel great loss when the person passes away.i'm sure God has a very special place for these very special people.

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