Saturday, October 11, 2008


i don't think there is anything more beautiful then two people dancing the waltz. a man in a cut away and tails and a woman in a light flowing dress dancing on the floor in rythme and moving has one. i have to admit there are many times while going through the t.v. channels i have stumbled apon Fred Astair and i will sit through the whole silly thing just to watch this master of dance with his co-star waltz across the floor it bring my heart to a flutter.
when i was a senior in high school my friend laura (not the laura i have recently blogged about)and i took an adult ball room dance class, once a week for 6 weeks we would spend an hour trying to learn the beauty and grace of ball room is very difficult to pick up at first being a woman, because you have to learn not to lead but follow and to have your partner push you backward which is very unnatural. the man your with moves you 2 steps backwards then you take 2 steps forward(good education on dealing with men,he pushes you 2 steps back then you take two steps forward again) well at the end of six weeks i discovered that i eventualy had a right and left foot, not just 2 left feet and it was alot of fun. this all worked out very well because i graduated in 1976 and many a night after work my friends and i hit the disco sciene (look out John Trevolta)
well its been many years since i have truely waltzed and with lack of practice comes lack of skills . several weeks ago while flipping through the tv channels i came across my favorite movie "The King and I" it was at the part were Anna and the king were about to polka. the king puts his arm around Annas' waist draws her to him and they start to dance at this point i'm just swept away(yul brenner what a guy). isn't it funny how we spend money on all kinds of silly things we think will make us happy when all of a sudden we realize its the simple things in life, like dancing, that give us the gradification we are really looking for .

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