Friday, October 24, 2008

men and gas cans

once again i have come to the conclusion that i do not understand men !!!!!!!!!
this morning my son went out to start his car, which sputtered and bucked several times then refused to start again. he came into the house and asked for a ride to work because his car would not run. i agreed then said what do you think is wrong with it he answered "well its either to cold and it wont start or I'm out of gas".i said is the little white line on the "e" for empty? he said yes,i said, not being a mechanic and all, personally i would go with the empty gas theory myself.
this is not a generational thing all men of all ages are the same when it comes to empty gas tanks. I'm not sure if they feel the car is lying to them when it says empty or they just have a need for dominion over this metal object.either way it makes no sense to me.
this is an all male thing, many is the time I've been on interstate 395 or routes 131, 20 or 12 and have seen a lone male figure with his red gas can walking to the nearest gas station for fuel,it must be a hunter gatherer thing except with out the spear.
i don't know if they feel like just driving by a gas station will fill the tank like osmosis but trust me on this one fellows empty is empty no matter how many stations you drive by or is it the $1 or 2 you can save by trying to get to the cheapest station, i need to tell right now it isn't worth the mile walk in the dead of night,the rain or freezing cold, money looses it luster when your wet.
women on the other hand would not do this if nothing else i always check my gas level, i may not check anything else but by God if I'm going to get stuck its going to be for a very good, not to mention very expensive reason, i refuse to walk for $30.00 worth of gas.
i asked my husband this morning, when he got up, what is it with you guys you would never see a woman marching down the road with gas can in hand, why do you think that is? he said because they have triple A, boyfriends and husbands who will come get them or walk the can to the gas station for them. men you got to love them, I'm not sure why but you really do have to love them...


Laura said...

You should have entitled this men and gas....Now they cannot deny this one!

Laura said...

Don't you think that some of the problem here is the age of the parish. Most of them don't have the enthusiasm because they are reflecting attitudes concerning their own life, or their own personal status. "Anything but upbeat."