Thursday, October 23, 2008

women priest ?

here is a hot topic for everyone should women be priest?
last night after our St. James srvice we went to the church hall to enjoy some our table we got to enjoy the company of a person from an orthodox church in worcester.since everyone at this table had converted over to the orthodox faith we started talking about why we converted,what was important to us has christians and orthodox followers and should woman be allowed to be priest.
this is always an interesting subject since first it will probably never happen and second because people seem passionate about it.
some people feel that being a woman allows us to emulate the blessed virgin and follow her and this should be enough.lets face she does encompass woman hood at its best, is a saint and when she said yes to God she showed ultimate faithfulness and courage (remember this was a time when being preganat before marriage could get you stoned to death).some people feel that since Jesus did not call women to be one of his 12 choosen then we are not permitted to consider this possiblity. the apostiles were men and has such only men can be priest.
i on the other hand have always felt women should be allowed to be priest,growing up in a faimly with 2 aunts who were nuns i never saw a reason why these holy women were not given the oppurtunity to advance to this if they so desired,trust me these 2 women lived religous lives and followed strict vows of poverty and prayer.
i think a calling is a calling and if you can advance the cause of God who cares if your a woman or a man.many religions have women ministers and some also have woman priest but the catholic and orthodox churches just can't see woman has having importance.up until about 30 years ago women were not even allowed to be members of our church thats why womens groups were started,woman sat to the left side of the church and men to the right,(in the orthodox church the right hand is the hand of God,it is correct)
my argument for priesthood is that three of the four people who stood at the foot of the cross were woman.they didn't seem to care that they could be arrested or crucified next to Jesus.
back in the early days women were allowed to be deacons they got to work with the women of the church because the priest was unable and it was either St. Peter or St. Paul that talks about a woman with his group whom he sent out to spread the word.
there are many women who were martyed for the faith has well has men and we have feast days and cellebrate these me woman have proven their worth to the faith.


Anonymous said...

They say that behind a successful man, stands a woman. I have been not been called to be in a position of priest, but have ministered to many men,(of all ages),even clergy. Every house needs support and foundation, thats how I see my role. Like Mary, quietly pondering yet, of great importance and strength.(it's all about LOVE. Men aren't pillars all by themselves. We get into trouble when we create rolls. It is simple, every body has a head and a heart. I see the church as a body, having both. Equal in importance and function. It itsn't so much can we, but should we? Too many cooks in the kitchen spoil the roast. I think this is another struggle for authority, (part of the women's rights movement. Maybe some women do not realize how much authority has already been given them. "The last shall be first." "The first shall be last." And, I remind you, who sits at side of Jesus, his mother.

linda said...

i realy do not feel this has anything to do with liberation or power it has to do with spirituality. a person does not become a priest for position or power(or should not anyways) but for the advancement of the word.