Sunday, October 19, 2008

wrights chicken farm

last night some of the people from our church went out to rhode island to a place called wrights chicken farm.they serve all you can eat chicken,salad,macaroni with sauce and french fries. we had a realy nice time and it helps get those poeple in Southbridge out to another state,only kidding.
i like these events because im kind of a social person so this encompasses two of my passions eating and talking.
its nice to be with people on social events that take us away from the allows us to talk about the things going on in our lives and meet new people because some of us bring friends or family with us who would not other wise take the time to attend church or maybe they are not of the orthodox faith,since many of us are converts.we also do not push religion when we do these things so no one feels like their being evngalised to fr.peter says "no sheep stealing ".
Jesus spend many times in the bible eating with people by doing these types of meals i understand why they were so important to the bringing in of the fold.people need to have their basic needs meet first then you can work on their spiritual needs when they are ready.i think it was marslow (a phsychiatrist) who studied and defined mans higher atrctical needs he said basic needs must be met then you keep moving up the ladder until you can help meet their social and spiritual needs allowing them to become a complete person.


Anonymous said...

If you feed me, you can talk just about anything. I knew a man who would go to events just to get a free hot dog. Sometimes he would stand in line several times. His wife would get mad, it looked like he wasn't fed at home. My boys tell me the only reason they visit is because I feed them. Could be true. Nice post. We should do it more often. We'll have to invite Walt from NH.

linda said...

vic had a friend who would make his wife stop at a movie theater if they were driving by one so he could run in and buy popcorn