Monday, October 27, 2008

traditional medicine vs. holistic

we live in a world with all kinds of choices of health care. you can go traditional which deals with medical doctors and pharmacological drugs derived from natural and non natural ingredients or holistic.
if you get a chance go over to fr.peters website you can listen to his Shepard of souls pod cast number this episode he interviews a nurse practitioner who deals with holistic medicines.
holistics deals with not only the body but the mind and spirit.they believe stress, misalignment and diet can cause pain and sickness to the body. what we eat has well has what we think are all part of our make up this equals our wholeness.
i believe in both i think if you can handle a problem with traditional or holistic medicine and it works for you and go for it,who am i to know how your body make up will react to each treatment.
the only problem i have with holistic medicine is it can cause allot of guilt to the sick person if he has done these approaches and still ends up with cancer,heart disease or has a stroke.we all are made up of genetics which are programed at some point to kick in and cause disease of some sort.unfortunately we are all going to die from something and that's one of those things we have no control over.
but until we get to that point we need to do what ever we are able to to try and be the healthiest we can be not matter which approach we choose.

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