Sunday, October 12, 2008


a few nights ago while flipping through the channels i came accross the last 20 minutes of the movie "where the boys are" since there wasn't anything else on i thought i'd watch it.the story was about some college kids who came to the beach for break anyways in one of the last parts of the movie the pretty blonde girl is hanging around with the wrong kind of guy,you know the kind that drinks and parties with his bad friends. she decides to call him to meet her at a hotel well in walks one of his druken friends. she stands there and says"no,no, oh please no" she dosen't try to leave and they insinuate that she gets raped. she calls her friends to come get her and they find her walking down the center of the street all disshoveled. she ends up in the hospital were she acts like its all her fault and says something along the line of "now i'll never be able to marry a nice man."
my friend martha told me that this movie was considered very racey in its time. when she went to nursing school in 1968 she was so innocent she had no idea about the male form until she took anatomy and did her hospital clinicals
wow have things changed
now days you can't even watch a commercial on tv without seeing woman in bras and men in briefs. i'm no prude but commercials about femminen highgene products are offensive to me.there are times and places to talk and show these things and why do we feel its alright for children to see this stuff on primetime. we seem to want our children to grow up to fast and i can't understand what it is we feel is so wrong about letting kids be kids and not forcing things like birth control, homosexuality and condoms on kids in grammar school (some even has young has kidnergarden), when i was a child i was pretty protected by my parents and didn't see things on tv that could not be viewed by the whole family.true the shows back in the 70's were pretty corny but they at least had values,morals and consiquences. i don't watch many prime time shows any more because all of it is toilet humor even the kids cartoons.
we have an entire life to be an adult but only a small number of years to be a care free, fun loving child.why do we insist on denying our children what we were given the chance to be innocent.

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Good Post: Its all about the money, and sex sells.