Friday, October 17, 2008

ready to vote?

i am one of the lucky ones i know who i will be voting for for president. this should make me feel settled, right? wrong!! i'm realy disappointed in our choices this year and am tired of being constantly bombared by the media (for 19 months mind you) to vote for who they feel i should vote for.every chance they get they praise their choice, down the other side and throw thier opinon down my throat. i don't know about you but i remember when russia was a communist state and told their people who to vote for because they knew what was best not the people.
things like this frighten me it dosen't take much to push us over the line to laziness and allow our goverment to take care of us. this smacks of scocialism.
if the goverment takes care of us what is the point in working hard, you gain nothing in the end. what about original ideas and creativity? it can all be washed to the side and we can let the goverment be our parents. our we ready to give our righs away because we're to lazy to stand up and fight or to complacient or maybe just to tired.
its hard to fight its easier to lay down and give up.
how embarassed our fore fathers must be, you know the ones who signed the declaration of independence and pledged their life, libery and every thing they owned to make us free. i think it was benjamin franklin who said if you are willing to give up some liberty for security then you deserve neither liberty nor security.
so before you walk into the polling booth (or up to the polling desk i should say)
remember were all in this together either we sink or swim. we have always been very lucky to have the right president at the right time i just hope our luck is not running out.
i'll bet the romans never thought their empire would end but end it did and now they are nothing but a relic of history.i don't know about you but i think democracy and capitalism are worth saving. but only time will tell.


Anonymous said...

The democratic party will not admit their candidates affiliation with ACORN. Complacient? "No" They are more like thieves, stealing the election by illegal voting practices. Would you believe it is said Mickey Mouse voted 17 times. They want the election by hook or by crook. Now, that has nothing to do with media influence.
It's just as you stated, it is easier to receive a hand out than a hand up in this country. Yes, they want parents to take care of them. The question is, does the government have the right to disperse its citizens money in a redistribution effort? Such an action is nothing short of socialism. It's easy to see who we should be voting for.

linda said...

i think no matter how we feel about the democratic party we need to make up our minds that this may be what we are looking at for the next four years. what can we do? when some one says i'm not sure who i will vote for find out what they are looking for and if you can explain in an appealing way why we need the republican party in right now. most people who are unsure are probably just has afraid has you and i about who needs to get in. sometimes sparkle and shine is not leadership just a smoke screen. linda