Saturday, October 4, 2008

good day for a yard sale

well our yard sale is over for another year and all in all it was allot of fun with a steady stream of people, good food and nice company. i really enjoy watching people gather together at the tables and eat and talk, to me this is what fellowship is all about. getting to know different people and listening to their tales. people seemed happy to be out buying, some like the food and deserts and one lady who had cancer came and got to get her mind off her illness, even though she was bald and out of breath. it sure helps you put your life into perspective and count your blessings when you realize how lucky you are.we had a good group of workers today no short tempers every one seemed happy our fr. peter was in and out and enjoyed the good food. sometimes i think it must be very hard to live the life of a priest i could not deal with the being alone i am a people person and need to have people around me but what would we do with out brave souls like reverend peter? God bless him he is one in a million.

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