Tuesday, October 21, 2008

gaming in conn.

one day Ann found herself in a tough position her husband lost his job,her child was thrown out of school,the house was going to be repossed and their was little food in the house.Ann decided to pray to her patron said.dear st.---- please help me I'm in bad shape help me win the lottery soon.the next week things got worse so Ann
once again prayed to her st. to help her win the lottery. by the third week things were desperate oh my patron saint help me,no answer came, so she prayed more fervently saint why are you not helping me. suddenly the saint appeared to her and said in order to win the lottery you have to have a ticket.
i live in a state with 2 casinos and multiple lottery's to be played and if you can't get enough from this state try Mass.Rhode Island,New York or maybe New Jersey.if you have or do not have the money gambling is every where to be found.
the state says these are good things because they help pay for the schools,funny every year my property taxes go up and they tell me about 80% of the town budget goes to the schools.where is all this money they keep talking about?
i have a problem with a state who feels it has to raise money by lottery from what i understand most people who abuse the lottery and casinos are not rich. the lottery is the poor mans tax.everyone has this need to win big and never have to work again.
but why are we put here if all we want to do is spend our lives sitting home,watch t.v. and play with the computer.
they say all this gaming is not a bad thing that most people are not effected by it and only a few people are out of control they are not poor or desperate people.
all i can say is the last time i went to the casino i thought i was in a rehab facility people had wheelchairs,walkers and oxygen tanks not just some but what seemed like 50%.(maybe its because I'm a nurse i tend to key in on certain people).
one time my husband and i were early for a concert and we decided to eat at the food court while there i saw a little old man walk up to a table where some children had just finished eating,they did not discarded their pizza crust and i watched this gentleman walk over to the table look around then sneak the crust and eat it. now tell me who does all this gambling effect?

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Laura said...

I think sometimes gambling can be a useful tool to help benefit a church or organization. The money to help someone in need by a raffle also. It brings to mind that when I was young, we were so poor that we ate pancakes, liver, and macaroni. My dad, thinking he could win a turkey, brought a live one home. It was placed in a hall area until it could be killed, dressed and cooked. It should have been a real treat, but none of us wanted to eat it because we saw it lose its head and run around the cellar. Bet he wasn't gambling on that.