Wednesday, October 22, 2008

in search of sr.elaine

when i was in grammar school i had a very young sister who just started teaching at our school. she was blond and very sweet in nature.when she would go on retreat she would come back and tell me "i saw your aunt this weekend and she said to say hi
to you", my aunt also belonged to this group of sisters.
many years passed and i forgot about her until in 2006 at my fathers funeral while
waiting for them to bring the casket up the stairs of the church, so my sister and i could accompany it to the alter, an older sister came to me and introduced her self explained to me that when my aunt entered the convent she was her room mate,she had come because my aunt who had Alzheimer's was unable to attend so she came in my aunts place.
for some odd reason i began to think about Sr.Elaine and wonder how she was. several time i went on line and typed her name in but at the time was not sure what her last name was so i gave up.
in 2007 while in the process of selling my fathers house i had to bring paper work to the realtor since my agent was not there i sat and talked to the owner, who is some one i went to grammar school with. we got to talking about different nuns we had and i mentioned Sr.Elaine's name.she said she was friends with some one who is a nun and would get me the info i needed.
later that week the realtor called me to give me Sr.Elaine's email address and home address but unfortunately we had a bad rain storm that day and the message left on the answering machine was scratchy and most of the address was unclear. i threw my
hands up and said that's it I'm done.
after the sale of my fathers house i got the feeling that i needed to know how Sr. Elaine was doing i thought about how old she might be and what she was doing with her life.i went on the computer typed in what i thought was her full name and found out she was a principle in Rochester New York but had quit her position related to them wanting to close the school. once again back to square one. i said to myself "Lord if for what ever reason you want me to find her help me find her if not let me just forget this whole thing and move on with my life."
2 weeks ago i got the feeling again that i needed to find her and this time said if this leads no where then i give up for good.i went on the computer typed in her name and after several tries found out she was the superintendent of catholic schools down south, i got to see a picture of her and thought well that kind of looks like her but I'm not sure. i took the address of the diocese in that area and sent her a letter with my email address.
last night while checking out my emails i had one from Sr.Elaine i had indeed found her and she was very happy to hear from me.she said "you made my day". has soon as i received this i felt like the search was over i knew she was alright and i was
at peace again.i have no idea why this seemed so important to me but its strange how things happen.

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