Tuesday, October 28, 2008

universal health care

i work in the state of Massachusetts and because i do i belong to a HMO.
in case you do not know this state has mandatory health insurance.all residents of this state are required by law to have health insurance.i am fortune my company helps pay for my insurance. but i know many people who can not afford health insurance
because they are self employed,they make $30,000.00 or more and are considered to wealthy to get assistance from the state.where does it leave these people?in the position of being fined by their wonderful state when they file their state taxes. having spoken with these people they tell me its easier to pay the fine then try to pay the insurance.most of these people are single and do not have a spouse to help relieve the burden placed on them by the state and its mandates.
so where does all this leave the state of Massachusetts? in trouble I'm afraid.several months ago the state said they were going to be one billion dollars in debt and this month Gov. Patrick has been making attempts to cut back on all sorts of things. allot of the people who are poor have been getting assistance from the government through medicaid, which is not what this money is to be used for, for several months now the government has been threatening to stop funding related to the fact that this money is ear marked for the disabled and the elderly through out the country.
Gov. Patrick is now saying he wants companies to start paying more into the state to help with these shortages. we'll that will really make a company want to stay here now won't it.
lets talk about the burden being placed on the health care system it self.with every one having health insurance there is now a shortage of doctors and nurses. my own doctor now works 2 days in Webster and 3 days in auburn and trying to get to see him requires me to call for a physical months in advance.
so whats the answer? im not sure but what i do know there is not enough working people out there to pay for the people who don't work and need health insurance.
besides why work at a good paying job and advance if you know the more money you make the more will be taken from you to pay every one else insurance? if we get universal health care who will be entitled to it and how much will you get? will every one be entitled to the best or just basic care? will research companies and pharmacies still be willing to make progress and advancements if they know the government will not be funding everyone to use thier products and inventions?
capitalism requires all people to work for what they have but what about those who are unable to work, should we be paying for illegal aliens to go to emergency rooms in order to get free health care or should they be turned away or sent back to their own country for their needs.
this health care situation is truly a mess and until our politicans can sit down and work these problems out, for the good of the people, we are just going to keep drowning

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