Wednesday, October 15, 2008

parental influence and money

i got to thinking about money the other day and how i raised my child. when my son was growing up we did not have alot but we did alright we had a small house, food on the table and heat unfortunately we also had credit cards which i never ran up huge bills but always had credit debit.i tried to instill in him the importance of having a good credit rating and trying to keep debit free,i would tell him if you have a good credit history you are in charge of the loans you can take out your not stuck taking loans that are given to you.
well being from his generation he made foolish moves with his credit and although he has paid his bills off he is now going to reap the consiquinces if some day he decides to buy a house, credit intrest will be what they give him not what he can negotiate for.
many younge people from his age group have filed bankrupcy and are unable to pay debit that is way out of their reach. my mother used to say "people get married today and want all the things it took your father and i thirty years of married life to work for."
but i can say on the plus side of money my son is generous to the poor he will stop and buy someone food or give change to someone who is begging and the other day i heard him say we'll money isn't all their is in this life using it for the things you need is more important the just the things you want, may be we has parents in the end do have an influence on our children maybe they need to make the mistakes in order to realize what we said made sense can you imagine, maybe something i said stuck somewhere, you just never know.

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