Monday, October 20, 2008

trying for new followers

today on fr.peters blog he talks about how he can get more people to become part of his church,st.michael. this is a very hard time in history religion is not a big part of peoples lives and conversion is even more difficult.
people who are original to this church are at times more interested in the social events then the litugical events although when it come to services they are more into how it has always been done and not why is it done and is it correct.
most peoples children who are grown adults with kids of their own do not attend because they either belong to their spouses religion or were turned off from when they were children.
the converts to the church find a great deal of difficulty with this attitude because they joined the church for the faith,they are not so concerned about the picnics and parties and the traditions they are more centered on the faith and spiritualism.
its difficult to grow a church if you can't get every one on the same page. orthodoxy is not a religion that is used to going out into the community and helping in food banks,hospital and prisons but this is were we need to go to start.will people convert over iam not so sure of this but i do know this is what we has christians are called to do and this is very frightening to some people, its hard to get out of our comfort zones and make ourselfs vounrable.
the problem with most people is they do not attend church because they say they get nothing out of it missing the point of liturgy which is we go to praise God not the other way around.
we live in a time where we do not understand the master servent relationship that was common in the time of Jesus. a servent is to be at the beckon call of his master day and night and in return the master bestows on this person what he feels is necessary for the good of the servent.i think people feel that God is equal to us and has such we expect him to be our its most basic loving form it is a farther child relationship with God has the father and we has the children, meaning he leads and we follow because he knows whats right not us.

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