Friday, October 24, 2008

lack of enthusiasm

every now and then while reading i come across something that just inspires me or at least makes me open my eyes. today while reading a book the author talks about how a church is not an organization but an organism. when one person lacks enthusiasm in a church the entire congregation praying suffers.he discusses how empty a house of worship can be if no one wants to pray. all the bells, whistles and ornate architecture doesn't make a church inherently holy its the parishioners . even modest
surroundings can be transformed into the most spiritual sanctuaries.he said "we build a monument to where God was, not where God is."
every Sunday at the end of our service we sing "blessed be the name of the Lord,blessed be tne name the name of the Lord hence forth and for ever more." every time we sing this song i notice the lack of enthusiasm. it is dragged out and dull and every time i hear this song i think "come on people listen to the beauty of these word sing it like you mean it folks." this is suppose to be an up lifting song your talking about how blessed the name of the Lord is the one who gave you life how beautiful and fortunate we are to have him, his name all by its self is blessed not only today but to the end of the world and beyond.

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