Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Walk In The Park

Today is a beautiful day.The sun is shining the birds are singing and mother nature is calling so what else could I do but take a walk.
After 15 minutes I ended up by the library walking over the foot bridge into the park.
The sky way so blue and the sounds of the water rushing by gave me the feeling that this truly was the day the Lord had made and may I say this is some of his best work
First I came across three ladies with several children all trying to fly a kite.After three or four tries,with little breeze in sight,the wind co operated and the kite flew up into the sky,the children were so excited that it got me to thinking its time to buy a kite and enjoy the freedom of flight again.The shear exultation of being lifted up into the clouds and watching as it tumbles in repeated circles.the enjoyment of letting the string in and out and watching as the kite tries to touch the clouds and feeling like maybe I too could touch those same fluffy white masses.
Further down the lane was an older woman with her 3 grandchildren,2 riding their bikes and one being pushed in a stroller.As I passed by the bench they had stopped at to rest the elderly woman and I greeted each other with a warm hello both asking each other how we were doing.On a day such as this I could tell by the tone of our voices we truly meant it when we said "have a nice day".
When I was a teenager one of my favorite bands was Chicago and as I walked home I began to think about their song "Saturday In The Park".One line in that song goes "Saturday in the park every day's the fourth of July,Saturday in the park I think was the fourth of July,people talking,people laughing a real celebration".Today was one of those happy light hearted days the kind you really have to enjoy because that's why we are here to feel the beauty of God's perfect hand at work.

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