Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Last year I spoke about my white angora cat statue which sits on my park bench during the spring and fall and how my yellow cat Milo would sit next to it for hours,it was his best buddy.During the winter I put the statue in the cellar to protect it.
About 2 weeks ago when I was getting into my car I saw Milo on the park bench watching the birds at the feeder and thought "Gee I need to get his friend out of the cellar".4 days ago when I was letting the dog out I noticed Milo siting under Vic's truck watching a bird playing in a small puddle, he looked so cute like some great hunter.
Alas my poor Milo has not been home in several days we are not sure what happened to him because he is such a home body.I have prayed for him hoping he is not suffering where ever he may be.
Last night I had a dream I was at my mothers house and opened the cellar door and Milo ran up the stairs, my deceased mother told me he had been with her and I could take him home but he would not come into the car with me so I just hugged him and my dream ended.If he has gone to the great cat house in the sky at least he is at peace and not in any pain.

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