Monday, April 27, 2009

Swine Flu

Seems the big epidemic or possible pandemic is Swine Flu.With multiple cases in New York and through out some areas of the world,Mexico being one of them.People are becoming frightened.
We live in a country with open boarders to the world.It's no longer like it used to be where travel was confined to small areas.Now,for better or worse,the world is mobile.
The problem seems to be that medically we are not all equal.Although people complain about our health care system in this country,we are,for the most part, very healthy and our doctors are able to dispense all sorts of medicines.The rest of the world is not so lucky.
During the Black Plague,when shipping was the way of life,infected fleas from rats being carried on trading vessels,transmitted the disease from port to port.People at that time did not understand how sickness was spread or have any concept of bacteria and viruses,so it ran rampant and spread infecting and killing many individuals.
Today we have the cdc and multiple plans in place by government and communities.Does this mean we are safe?For the most part yes but then a disease is a disease and not everything is curable,especially when an epidemic starts.
So what can you do to try to steer clear of this flu? First wash your hands,more flu's and viruses are spread from touching surfaces then you can imagine,not that all germs are dangerous, many are beneficial for you immune system.But washing your hands is a simple step.Second try to stay away from infected areas like cities and countries that are reporting incidences.Third if you think you've come in contact with this flu see you practitioner,better safe then sorry and even if you do find out you have it at least you can catch the problem early.Fear of having something is worse then having it.Fourth eat well and exercise.An immunity that is high is always better then one that is low and eating good foods,taking vitamins and going for a walk is always a plus if you have to fight off an infection.
Sickness can come at any time but trying to stay rational and not letting the media scare you will keep you grounded.We can only do the best we can with out health.Take time to meditate,sleep and pray.Then leave it in the hands of the Almighty because thats where he whats you to put your concerns and fears.

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