Friday, April 24, 2009

Town Hall Of Hope

Last night our church hosted a live stream on the Internet lectured by Dave Ramsey from Oklahoma city,Oklahoma.
Mr.Ramsey talked about hope and fear and how we act and react.Fear and apathy play a big part in our decisions but in most cases we don't even realize it.Common sense has just been flushed down the toilet.We no longer feel we have to work hard but instead we want the government to do for us and make our decisions.
Part of being an adult means knowing how to live within you means and not having everything you want just because you want them.We have lost the word "No" and many times in life no is the answer whether you like it or not so move forward.
Since the economy as started to go down hill I have heard allot of people complain about all different kinds of financial issues they are faced with but last night showed me that many people complain but not so many want to take the first step which is to show up for things like we held last night in our church.We had about 12 people last night,including Fr.Peter,and all those who showed up were excited to be there and learn not just complain.Fr. Peter says showing up is one of the most important parts of life.Being there and listening allows you to make educated decisions,you may not agree with what is said but at least you showed enough interest to show up.
Many people fear looking at their bills and trying to make payment decisions.They are stuck and don't know where to turn thinking they're not smart enough to understand money matters.The truth is there are many self help books written for people just like you and me.Susie Orman is a wonderful writer and talks in terms that can be understood by rank beginners.Dave Ramsey can be found on the Fox financial network nightly and lets not forget Fr.Peter's radio shows which host many interesting and easy to understand radio personalities with good financial advice and the best part is its free.Increase you knowledge and you may increase you bank account and who knows you may have fun doing it.

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