Monday, April 13, 2009

The Tax Man Comeith

Well today is April 13Th and for another year I am finished with my tax forms and they are mailed.
Usually I have them done no later then March but this year I just could not get into it so today I went over my federal form then did my Mass. and Conn. forms.Yes I'm the lucky one since I work in Mass. and live in Conn. I get to fill out two forms then send a copy of my Mass. form to Conn. to prove I'm an honest kind of person not pulling a fast one over governor Rell.
Every year when I do these forms I always think 1)Am I nuts why didn't I just pay someone to do them for me and 2)Why can we not just pay a flat 10% to the government,let them give 1% or 2% to the state I live in and toss all the forms in the garbage.I mean their going to take it from me anyways so lets just make it simple.Every week I get paid take 10% out and in return I never have to fill out another tax form and we can both move on with our lives.
Of course people like my sister's friend Sandy, who does taxes for 250 people, would not be happy with me,especially since she just bought a new computer and soft ware but we can make it up to her some how.
I hate seeing people trying to find ways to play games to keep and get back some of their money and lets face it the richer you are the more games can you can play so in the end the people who really can't afford to lose the money are not the ones getting much back.
So tomorrow night I will be doing my son's state forms,but at least mine are done for another year.And maybe just maybe to make it up to Sandy I'll let her do my taxes next year then she and I can both be a little happier come april 15,2010.

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