Thursday, April 9, 2009

Tea Party

So what are you doing on April 15th?I'm trying to finish my taxes before the 15th because I'm attending a Tea Party.No not the kind where you sit around and drink tea but the kind where you go and demonstrate for your rights and show the government how important we the people are.
It seems like Washington is not all that concerned about you and I,who by the way,put them in office and don't seem to know,care or understand that we are the backbone of this country and they work for us.
In Conn. they will be having a party in Norwich,Hartford and New Haven,most starting at 3 pm.
I plan on attending either the one in Norwich or maybe Worcester Mass,because its closer to where I live.
So do something besides complain.go on line find out where the closest party is to you and if you care attend.
Also don't expect to much news coverage because the liberal media is only liberal about socialism not democracy.So lets you and I be concerned and do some thing!!!

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