Thursday, April 23, 2009

Earth Day/You Can Make A Difference

Earth Day was yesterday and unfortunately,being on a Wednesday and the middle of the work week,many people let it pass with out much thought.
I'm not much when it comes to global warming,I think this earth has gone through all kinds of change and will continue to go through more as the years go by.
Fr. Peter says "the Big Bang Theory could have started with a clap of God's hands" and the rest,my friend,is history.Our planet is unwinding and aging and like the rest of us with age comes change.
Now with that said this does not mean that we are not all responsible for our actions.
The government has decided that there are all kinds of things they want to do to make this world more "green".In my mind it is more important for each one of us to do the simple things that will help us help our planet,because lets face it,Although it doesn't seem that way there are more of us then government officials.
When I was in High School in the mid 70's I got introduced to a new course called "Ecology".When I looked at the book I thought "Oh great another science class." But it ended up being one of my favorite classes.We would got outside and study the soil layers,trees,ponds and animal life that made up our earth and because of that class I have always tried to be aware of my impact of daily life on the world.
Everybody can be what we called "eco friendly" and it doesn't require allot of time or money just some thought.In my town we recycle,so my kitchen always looks like a recycling center in progress.Containers for plastic,cardboard,glass,newspaper,tin cans and junk mail,which we are overwhelmed with on a daily basis.At first it was a hassle but now its a way of life and makes me quite happy to see my husband take them to the recycling center at our town dump.
Other things you can do is;take a walk not only is it good for your health and well being its good for the environment,less carbon and fossil fuel being wasted when your car is parked.Collect soda cans off the side off the road,this will give you some spare change when you turn them in and clean the ground.Use long life light bulbs,yes they are a little more expensive but if you buy them when on sale you will use less energy and save some money on your electric bill.Turn off all things that you are not using those little lights on the computer screen cost money and use energy when they are left on.This year I just started using cloth grocery bags and,when I remember to bring them to the store,I cut down the amount of plastic being thrown in the land fill,which will never break down and our neighborhood looks nicer with out plastic bags hanging off tree branches.Price Choppers,where I grocery shop credits me 3 cents for every cloth bag I use helping me pay for my initial investments.
Like the great out doors? plant a garden.Grow your own fresh vegetables.How about birds and butterflies.Plant flower gardens for them and in return they will help your vegetable garden by eating bugs and watching them fly and sing will lift your spirits.Plant a tree its great for cleaning the air and adding beauty to you back yard giving you shade to sit in while admiring your gardens.
If you live in an apartment plant in containers and you will always have beauty around you and keep your air clean.
These are just a few simple ideas that don't take allot of time but will help you make a contribution to the world and to your self. Gandhi said "Be the change you want to see in others" and Confucius said "A journey begins with a single step" So be the change and take the step.

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