Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Yesterday,in Boston, a man was arrested in the murder of several New England prostitutes who advertised on Craig's list.The man is a Boston University medical student who they think is also linked with a bank robbery.They feel he did these things for money.The girl he killed in Warwick Rhode Island fought back and was killed in a horrible manner.
How responsible should a web site be about protecting the people who use them?
For those who do not know Craig's list is a web site which is an on line want ad.People advertise things they want to sell so buyers can be found for their goods.
My big question is should this site allow people to peddle themselves?I thought prostitution,in this country,was illegal.Does it stop being illegal if its published on a web site or in a news paper?
Any web site you go to needs to be safe.When you log into these sites you need to know that you are protected and measures should be taken for you by the sites owners.There are things called filters which can be used and some sites require you to use credit cards so they can track the individuals using their sites.
The owner of Craig's list,as up until yesterday,tried not to interfere with the freedom of his site.Basically he just wants what he can get out of the site but not put any responsibility into the safety of his clients.
I'm sorry but in this day and age with young people being lured by predators the selling and buying of ones body on line should be illegal and stopped and not just on Craigs list.
Freedom is one thing but when it invites criminal activity then these sites need to look out for you and your family because you never know who is on the other end and what they may want to buy may not be what you really want to sell and your life is worth a little effort on these web sites part.

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