Monday, April 27, 2009

Fear in New York

I'd like to know what was in the mind of the government agency that allowed a look alike air force one with 2 fighter jets to fly into Manhattan near where the Twin Towers once stood.
Some times I think if you don't live in New England you can not even understand the amount of fear that those poor people in Manhattan under went when they saw this happen.Do they not realize that allot of those people who viewed those planes had to relive the horror of that day on 9/11,the reminder of family and friends they lost and how their lives changed,not for the good either.
We in New England can still remember that terrible day and the fear we all felt waiting for more planes to attack us as we tried to sleep those first few nights.
More then an apology needs to be given to Manhattan for the fear they injected into their day today .What happened was wrong and no one should have to live in fear because some one needed a photo op.

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