Friday, April 17, 2009

Holy Thursday

Last night was Holy Thursday and the reading of the twelve Gospels.At the 6th Gospel the priest takes the wooden cross puts it on his shoulder and walks down then back up the aisle,he then takes out the wooden body of Christ and nails him to the cross.The pounding of the nails into the hands and feet resonates through out the church and brings even the strongest heart to sadness.
This is my third year of attending this service and up until this morning it never really occurred to me what this whole service was about.Its about "love"
This morning I woke up with Simone,the man who was compelled to assist Jesus carry his cross.Suddenly it all made sense Simone was not just helping Jesus carry his cross bar he was helping him carry his load,his burden.He was assisting another person by picking up the load off his shoulders and carry it.Even when he knew the out come would not be good he carried the load for a broken and dying man.Its like brother helping brother.Simon did not volunteer he was made to do it but he did it any ways and God knew this when the soldiers picked him.
Simone is also humanity caring the cross beam so the innocent lamb,who out of love, bearing the sins of the world,could be nailed to the cross.
The first Gospel starts out by Jesus talking to his apostles about love in all its different forms being in God and God being in him,the greatest law of all,the good Samaritan,giving up ones lift for another.Then as all the gospels are read you see all the different forms of love and hate.A mothers love for her son,a friend turning his back,a follower selling him out,women friends following him to his death,Religious leaders gone bad,Roman soldiers lack of humanity toward a convicted innocent,a wealthy Jewish man giving up of a new grave,followers who ran away in fear.
These twelve Gospels hold so much but in the end it all amounts to love.Jesus said I am in my father and my father is in me.Really this is the way we should all live our lives because God is in us and if we truly want to live as good Christians then we must also be in God.

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