Monday, April 20, 2009

The Friendly Church/God is Awake

Here's a few things I read Sunday that I found interesting.

The Friendly Church

A friendly church is one where worshipers greet one another warmly and sincerely.

A friendly church is one where members seek out newcomers and make them feel welcome and important. Visitors hear that the congregation can help meet various needs: spiritual nourishment,Christian education,fellowship,friendship,service opportunities,support and comfort during difficulties and more.

A friendly church has something for everyone.It becomes a loving home where people desire to return frequently for spiritual, social, physical and emotional support.

God is Awake

One night A mother was putting her 4 year old to bed.The child was afraid of the dark.
When the light was turned off,the child caught a glimpse of the moon outside the window."Is the moon God's light?" she asked her mother.

"Yes" she replied

"Will God put out his light when we go to sleep?" asked the girl

"No,dear.God never goes to sleep."

Then the little girl said "Well as long as God is awake there's no sense in all of us staying awake."

The pair slept well not only that night but for many nights to follow.

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