Saturday, April 18, 2009

Tea Party

This has been a very busy week for me and I have not had much time to do many things let alone sit and blog.
Wednesday my son and I went to Norwich, attend the Tea Party held there.It was held on the marina and there was at least 250 people there.It was a beautiful day for such a protest.
Many people,from what I heard,seem to have not gotten what the whole protest was about.
It was not about stopping assistance to the poor,we are a generous people and if asked most people would share what they had with anyone in need.It was not about hating Obama or the Democrats,We voted allot of Republican out of office related to them being to big and self serving,which those in office now seem to have learned nothing.
The people who attended these parties are upset about the government,which feels it needs to run the lives of the people not the government,they fear socialism is around the corner and our values as a nation may be lost.
The Constitution starts with "we the people" not "we the government".This country was based on freedom of rights which are guaranteed to us and that includes; religion,speech,free assembly and the right to bear arms.
We are not children and we have a voice in the interest of this country.This is what makes us unique and special.Many people left their own countries to come here and be all they can be because that was not allowed to them back in the old country.
We believe that all people have potential and can climb the hill and grow to the that potential.When the government tries to be the nanny state then no one as to work or try to succeed there is no point in making money when they kill you with taxes.
All people have the right to realize the American dream but we as a country are not obligated to give everyone the American dream.You have the right to the pursiut of happiness but we do not grantee happiness.
Helping people who are willing to help themselves is a wonderful thing and should be encouraged but making people life long welfare recipients is not a good thing.
People think these Tea Parties are just a bunch of silly right wing red necks.Well if I'm one of those then I'm proud to be one because I stand with many great people like George Washington,John and Sam Adams,Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin.
People are angry and to be ignored is not a good thing.Like it or not our politicians and government needs to open their eyes.All movements start with a fringe group then move inward.
Some one said the original Tea Party was done because of taxation with out representation.All I can say is when you are being ignored by your representatives you are not being being represented.When they pass bills they do not read,bow down to paid lobbyist and spend most of their time raising money to run for re election then they represent themselves not their constituents.

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