Saturday, April 25, 2009

Have A Picmic

This morning while at work one of the aides was asking where the cheapest place around Webster was to buy hamburg,she resides in Worcester.when I asked her why she needed hamburger she told me she had a craving for a bacon burger off the grille and was calling her husband up to get the grille clean.
Today's temp was in the 80's and it was a beautiful spring day.As I was at my med cart I got to thinking its been a really long time since Vic and I went on a picnic so that's what I decided to do surprise him with a picnic.
After work I went to the deli pick up some food and other things to take with us.I walked in the door and Vic was sorting news papers to get rid of.I said "I was thinking today how about a picnic" he said "sure when" I said "now" and off we went to the lake in Thompson.
We picked a table not far from the water and watched about 20 teen boys have a great time swimming and throwing each other in the cold lake.We talked with a couple who rode in on their motor cycle and admired the beauty of the day.
My husband has always like being near water things like lakes,oceans and even ponds always brings release and relaxation to him.I tell him all the time "you can tell you were born under the sign of pieces the fish because any excuse will get you to water".
After an hour or so it was off to the movies to see Grand Tureeno with Clint Eastwood another squint with Clint movie.
Isn't it amazing what can happen with a simple thought of a picnic.If you have time this beautiful weekend in New England take an hour or two with the one you love to have a picnic.Simple things like this remind you why you love each other so much.

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Laura said...

Just being out in the sun was grand. Would have liked to be by the water, glad you enjoyed.