Thursday, April 9, 2009

Almost Through Lent

Last night was our last pre santified liturgy for Lent.When Sunday comes we Orthodox go into our Holy week and related to our up coming full week of all different kinds of services our Fr.Peter usually tells us he'll meet us on the other side or Easter day.
Being an ex Catholic means most of my family members are Catholic and celebrating western Easter.This year the east and west are only one week apart from each other.Last year we were about 3 weeks apart.
Fr. Peter,who also has this issue,last year said "Christ has died,Christ has risen and lets put him back in the tomb for three more week and raise him again".My friend Laura's' husband John says "Christ has died Christ has risen and Christ will come again"I have to admit I find that one not only funny but true.
So I guess I'm in the position of being fortunate enough to celebrate both Easters, although I'm working this weekend, I will still get to pre celebrate and practice for our up coming Easter next week.
It's funny this year Lent has been quite interesting,I've noticed that people,from our church family have been more touchy,feeling wise,with each other.I am not sure why but I guess the devil tries to take our minds off of what the real purpose of lent is.It seems like people start to hash out all the same issues we always do but the intensity is increased.
The other day one of our friends was telling my husband he felt like he was not missed when he didn't attend church because no one asked where he was.When my husband ask him why he felt this way he said "I don't know I've just felt this way for the past month".He was having feelings of insecurity and questioning.I am sure the evil one,who enjoys it when we doubt and question, was spending some time whispering in his ear.Isn't it Funny how we always hear the other guys' shouts yet we have so much trouble hearing Gods' small peaceful loving voice.
To be fair even when Jesus was in the desert fasting he had the other guy trying to tempt him so why would we feel he would not try to attack our weaknesses.
In the end we all made it through most of Lent and learned that its alright to discuss our issues and support each other through our times of weakness.WE also must not lose sight of what lent is about and who is whispering in our ear.

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