Monday, January 31, 2011

Have Patients And Be Greatful

Recently I read on face book someone who posted about feeling their street has not been properly and fully plowed.She felt the town should come and do a better job.
Another person replied that she should called the local Town Hall and speak with the foreman to explain her whoas to him/her.
I'm not sure where people have been but this has not been a normal winter,here in New England.
We have been having excess amounts of snow and our snow removal personal,at least in my town,are doing the best they can,not just with plowing but also with removal of said offending snow,so now one may come to a stop sign and see oncoming traffic.
Tomorrow is Tuesday and we are to have at least several more days of not just snow but also rain and ice.
I know that I'm tired of shoveling and driving through this multiple weekly on slaught and can just imagine how our plow truck drivers are feeling at this point.
I may be one of those,who in the spring,when I see a town truck sitting on the side of the road,with the driver not working,am first to feel my tax dollars are being ill used,but not so this month.
I'm sure most of these folks have worked at least 60 hours this week and are looking toward another 60 in the next several days,and would like a break too.
I work at a service oriented job and understand all to well peoples lack of patience with what seems to be slowness on the part of the server,but I can assure you it is not so on my end,as the provider.
We live in an instant world that demands all peoples needs be met in full, in more then a timely manor,has if those providing a service are some how our slaves.
No one wants to be put out and absolutely no one wants to wait on anything.
We are lucky to live in a country where such rudeness on the part of the consumer is tolerated.
Not so many years ago in Russia people would be forced to wait,outside, in lines for hours to enter a store and not even know what they would be able to buy until it was their turn.
We are an ungrateful self centered nation and as such are becoming ugly Americans in our own country.
Be kind,take a minute and truly be grateful to a service person who has done for you,not only what you have asked of them,but more.
Thank the cashiers,clerks,medical attendants,food handlers and yes, town works when they do their job and do it well.
Show you appreciate all they do for you,tell them "thank you for making my life better."
No one wants to feel unappreciated and those may be the first kind words these hard working people may have heard all day.
Do to others as you would want them to do to you,because how you measure others will be how you will be measured when your day of judgement comes.

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