Saturday, January 22, 2011

Worst Winter....

O.K. we all know its cold here and yes we all know we may have more snow next week,but can the media please stop with the constant updates and interviews with unhappy people who have to make their way from their house to their car and vice versa.
I don't know where all these people come from,but every time we have a storm they have never, in their whole lives, seen such bad weather.
I was around during the storm of 1978 and can tell you,first hand,that was a bad storm.
We live in New England and as such we understand that snow,ice,and extreme low temperatures are what we look forward to at this time of year.
I must say it does not lift my spirits when the media has nothing better to do then cry about how cold and snowy it is.
Guess what folks buck up! and stop crying!
Be grateful you have a warm house to go to and hot food on your table.
Be glad there are plows to plow the roads to get you to work,at least you have a job to go to.
I don't mean to sound angry but stop crying already and realize we have no control over the weather so move forward.
I have lived in Connecticut all my life and yes we have snow and ice and temperatures do go below zero,its winter,not global warming ,and these things happen.
In a few months this will only be a bad memory.
The fact that we are able to complain with no thought to those who go with out, shows just how self centered and spoiled we really are.
Take a minute and be grateful that you are sleeping on the inside of a warm building and not on the outside on a street corner.
If the media wants to put some effort into something worth wild,instead of measuring the number of inches we are getting in snow every hour why don't they tally up the number of people trying to keep warm under a cardboard box of stack of newspapers,then they would truly have something to feel upset about.
I know it upsets me!

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