Monday, January 3, 2011

Looking Forward

The ringing in of a new year means different things to different people.
Since I spent the past three days working,today is my day to look at my own "New Year".
I am not one to look back on things,I am generally not a reviewer of my past.
Most New Years are spent trying to figure out what my future needs to be and less about what my past was about.
What is behind me is behind me,I can store up my life reviews for my elderly days.
At present I have so much ahead of me to look toward to, that if lucky,will be a much needed change for the better.
A new year to me means a clean slate and the promise of new excitement and adventure.
New targets,new arrows, new goals.
Life should be lived with your head up and your path ahead,even if the view,at present looks cloudy.
We become old when we become lazy and vision less.
Everyday should be a new dawn and we should be willing to try,win or lose,to step forward in trust.
In the Bible Jesus calls Peter out of the boat to come to him,Peter had enough faith to step over the side and walk on water.
You have a choice in life you can hold on to the wheel and cower in fear or you can take a leap of faith and step over the side.
Its all up to you.
If you are able to put your foot in the water then stand up,even just once this brand new year,then you will have gained great things.
Some day when you are to old,sick or tired you can look back and see that your life was more then you expected and the review with bring a smile to your face.
Happy New Year.
Happy new adventures.

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