Sunday, January 9, 2011


One of my New Years resolutions was to create a more peaceful me,I have now decided to try and attain such peace,by means of decreasing my media news coverage listening time.
We live in a world filled with 24/7 news access and with Saturdays' Arizona killing spree I have come to realize that although the media acts has if it delivers its news with no bias,it is a ruse.
Tonight while listening to the prime time,main stream media,the words tea party and Sarah Plain were brought forward to try and link their involvement,in some way,to why this shooting may have occurred.
Each and every news media outlet on both cable and main stream,have made it their aim to continually bring this story,to our lives 24/7,since it happened.
To say they beat a dead horse would be fair at best.
Bad things happen in this world and we need to feel sorry about them,but we do not need to be constantly reminded for days on end.
It's no wonder why people get polarized and hardened to the evil in this world,the constant ex poser to the bad acts of others leaches into our very selves and seeps into our hearts and souls.
If you are a loose canon and have mental issues,or you just want to be famous,then hurt someone and you will be the new bad person idol on the media.
All lives are precious and God says every hair on our head is counted,but we live in a world where some people are just a little more important and news worthy then the rest.
Six people were killed by this man in Arizona, who at best needed some psychiatric intervention,but only one name continues to make the headlines,that of a congresswoman.
We are subjected to so much media news that we do not even understand anymore that there is more to the world then just one story,sad has that story may be.
Anger,hatred,discontent,violence,nudity and more is what we expose ourselves to everyday of every week,of every month of every year.
It is now time for me to walk away,turn the channel and live my life in the world that surrounds me.
My reality of family,friends and loved ones
It is becoming an evil addiction and me,a growing addict,with a need for more stories,from different angles.
Never filling my empty need for an ever increasing desire to be judge and jury to each and every story I hear.
Knowing whats going on in the world is important but not 24/7.
The erosion of my personality is at stake and I refuse to stand by and watch it happen.

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