Thursday, January 27, 2011

Feeding The Birds

Today I awoke to hear my neighbor and my husband talking to each other while outside shoveling.
My neighbor said "my God its like an avalanche out here,you plow the snow up on the pile and it slides down the mound back into the driveway."
With those words I decided it must have been quite the storm and when I opened the front door and saw what looked like another 8 inches,decided it was.
All right time to put on my snow clothes and head outside,to tackle what lay ahead.
In the driveway my husband stood,with shovel in hand,looking absolutely helpless,has this metal behemoth,called the town snow plow pushed its load down the street,filling in the efforts this poor man had just spend over a half hour hand shoveling.
Well this was no time to be a defeatist,I aroused my son from bed,then went back outside with my shovel,this was not a time to give up the ship,even if it felt like our spirits were sinking,like the proverbial barge itself.
The fact that there was no place to throw the stuff,since the piles now exceed five feet in height,did not detour our valiant effort.
Like a general rallying his troops to action,forward men was our cry,we will not give in to the battle ahead,we are stronger then this simple pile of snow flakes could ever be.
With in an hour we had uncovered our modest,yet thankfully small driveway,front steps and two cars,as the sun began to shine,as if by schedule.
With outdoor task finished it was time for a well deserved cup of hot coffee and some blueberry pancakes.
From the kitchen window our yard looked like a barren wasteland of whiteness.The park bench,with its beautiful metal scroll work on the back support,now all but covered except for the very top rail and our bird feeders empty,with 6 inches of snow filling each seed tray.
Very sad and very lonely indeed.
I called my dog and we decided to try and fill the feeders with seeds,this was really more my idea then hers but she seemed happy enough to follow me no matter where I led.
Has I grabbed my bag filled with seeds and walked over to the edge of the driveway, The problem of how I was to step into 3 to 4 feet of snow now became an issue.
ooh for snow shoes.
Not wanting my poor feathery friends to go hungry I decided the best way in was one foot at a time.
For most people who know me I stand about 6 feet tall,snow up to my knees and thighs,means its very much on the high side.
But the decision was made and like the first step on the moon there was no turning back from my appointed errand
Slowly moving like a tug boat through a muddy lake I was able to fill each feeder and then trudge back to the edge of the driveway for much needed safety and thankfully, firm ground.
I always worry about these poor little birds,who take such joy in these full feeders.
The sight of watching them happily stuff their little fat beaks makes me understand why Jesus spoke so lovingly of these simple creatures.
Many times I think how much God loves these small feathery creations of his.
The sounds they make can bring such peace to the world and their simple colors such brightness.
Solomon and all his glory was not arrayed as one of these.
For my small effort of feeding the least of God creatures,I gain a banquet of peace and joy.
A hand full of seeds is a small price to pay for such tranquility.

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