Friday, January 21, 2011

Groceries And A Budget

Tonight while scanning through all the super market fliers,depression began to set in at my realization that these "sales prices" where regular prices not so many months ago.
Back when my son was small and money was very tight,I had a fixed budget and every week needed to figure out how to stretch each and every dollar to the fullest,at that time there was no such thing as extra money,so being exact was important or embarrassment would occur at the check out.
As times got better and money became more accessible,the need to budget became less and less.
With the start of this new year and the desire to spend less and bank more,I have decided to try to go back to my old habits and see if I can once again tighten up the food purse strings.
Now this is more of a challenge then it may seem because with my need to spend less also comes my desire to eat better.
Seven years ago when my mother passed away from colon cancer it became my aim to eat more organically especially when it comes to meats,vegetables and fruits.
But with all these beneficial foods comes a very large price tag.
Funny what man puts in as additives cost less then what Mother Nature refuses to incorporate.
I have heard many educated,well meaning,people say that those who are low in income need to eat better,they need to buy healthy foods not junk.
I can tell you from experience that foods high in white flours and additives are much cheaper and more easily accessible to the low income folks then fresh and organic foods,especially when you have a family to feed and other bills to pay.
Today I have determined that the time has now come for not only a budget but also a plan.
No more just going to one store to buy food,multiple stores in close proximity to each other may now be needed.
Back to reading store fliers and carefully choosing sales prices from each. Coupons,which though difficult to find with organic food stuff,are not completely impossible.
More time each week spent figuring out meal plans and desserts,buying only what is really needed and cooking with items on sale that week,not to mention making and freezing extra,while prices and supplies are available.
Time to make more things from scratch and buy less expensive premade things.
And last but not least using up what we already have on hand.
Being Orthodox comes in handy,in this area since we do not eat meat two times a week,so beans and soup may now be in our future since fish prices are very expensive this time of year and pretty much out of our reach for awhile.
So we will see how successful this new plan will be,if money can be saved or if just held close to a workable budget,that will be a good thing.
In several years I plan to retire and the more cash I can put away the sooner that dream can be realized.
Its always good to aim for the future,while living in the present.

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