Monday, January 10, 2011

Girl Scout Cookie Time Is Here !

Every year,for the past 10,my friend Mary,a Nurse Aid on second shift,brings in one of her granddaughter's Girl Scout Cookie forms,for each of us to pitch in and help support her troop.
Lets face it how can you not buy cookies from those cute little girls in uniform.
Today being January 10Th,Mary walked in with form in hand and made it,official cookie ordering day.
Most years I buy three boxes and when they come in,bring them home,to dole out one box at a time,so has to try to make them stretch,if we can.
This year has I sat down to order my three boxes something wonderful caught my eye.
The Girl Scouts have decided that you may now buy one box or more and have them sent to our soldiers overseas has a gift.
What A Great Idea!!!!
Got to love those giving girls in green.
My order this year was 2 boxes for my family and one box for a solider.
Now you can do 2 acts of kindness for has little has $4.00 a box.
First help a Girl Scout and her troop by buying cookies and second show a soldier you care by sending him/her a box of cookies.
Think of the weight you could save your self.
Widen your giving instead of your waist,make a difference help our Girl Scouts and remember our soldiers.
You have to admit this is certainly a win,win situation,all around.

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