Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Here Comes The Sun

"Little darling its been a long,long lonely winter..little darling it seems like years since its been here.Here comes the sun,here comes the sun,its alright..."
With all this white stuff everywhere I have to admit in the late morning,has I open the curtains its so nice to see the sun.
There is something just so wonderful about the sunbeams shining into our newly opened rooms,it can fool you into thinking maybe its not as cold as it all looks..
Watching the icicles drip and the driveway begin to puddle reminds us that there may soon be some let up..
Nothing makes us feel more light hearted then the look of ice sparkling in the sunshine.
I am a sun person at heart,even when its cold outside,just standing in the sun rays gives us the illusion that we are really warm,if only deep in our spiritual core.
I always think that God himself is smiling down on us and purifying our eyesight to what his real beauty is all about.
Snow can look lovely but add the sun and it almost shimmers and glows,like a diamond.
In another week we will be out of the month of January,soon February will be on our door step then the month of March,as each day goes by we will feel the warm illumination of sunlight.
Spring will be here and the crocuses will be popping their heads through the cold ground trying each day to reach their tiny leaves and petals up toward the sky,has if believing if they stretch far enough they could touch the very surface of the sun itself.
How exciting seeing the days change filled with warmth and sunshine.
My husband was born on March 1st and his birthday says that the sign of Pieces the two fish ends the winter months and starts Spring.
How beautiful to be born at the end of Winter with Spring ahead of you all sun light and promise for new life that's about to unfold.
So although we are still looking at today's' storm,with another coming by Wednesday night,we know that the sunshine brings us promise every day that spring can not be far away.
In several weeks Valentines day will be here,love in the air and red roses in the stores.The bright bold colors of reds and pinks breaking through the ever expanding stock pile of whiteness which seems to go on forever.
When you begin to feel sad,from January to March just remember...Here comes the sun....here comes the sun..its alright..dooo dooo doooo dooooo..do

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