Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Oh Breathing Space Where Are You?

This afternoon as I walked out of work I was struck by the height of the newly plowed snow piles,over 7 feet tall with paths and trails like some sort of white maze.
All I could think of was the movie "Dune" except instead of piles of sand we have snow.
I wonder if heaven is like this? All white and fluffy every where.
Sounds peaceful,doesn't it? Well not to me,at least not right now.
Maybe I'm getting snow blindness,but what ever it is I'm learning to hate the color white,not good when your a nurse.
As I drove down the street the snow on the roofs seemed to over power the height of the houses them selves.
Snow up to the front steps and porches could be seen every where.
Today I wore a bright yellow smock to work just to remind my self,and my patients,that there are more colors to our daily pallet then just white.
And so it goes another storm tomorrow,I'm beginning to feel that I may soon step out of my front door and be swallowed up,never to be seen again.
Alas whats a claustrophobic,like myself to do,but wait for a melting to take place,ever hoping to remove this feeling of being enclosed and weighted down.
Oh Phil,the ground hog from Pennsylvania,please no more winter,please not another six more week.
Me thinks that I shall never see,the green of grass beneath my feet.

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