Friday, January 21, 2011

January Joy

I must start by telling you that January is not my favorite month of the year,even though my son was born on the 12Th and our anniversary is the 8Th,it still does not rank up there with my idea of the best of months.
This morning I awoke to the sound of a snow plow rattling down our lonely dead end street,both comforting,yet annoying at the same time.
So far,this has been a very long 21 days and if weather updates hold true,the next few weeks show no mercy of letting up on us,here in New England.
Seems we have had snow since almost week one,of this frigid month and with the height of the snow banks ever growing,my joy for life seems to be quickly melting.
Will spring never show its flowery,sunny,warm face again?
Has I stumbled down the stairs to the parlor,trying not to trip over our excited Lab,I ventured to the kitchen to start my day with a cup of Java and some toast.
Looking out the window the white fluffy snow seemed to rain from the heavens like a slow avalanche starting its slide down the mountains and we,the little house at the base,just waiting for its eventual depth to entomb us,in dark whiteness.
The scattering winds swirling the light fluffiness of the flakes in tidal waves of circles, like an out of control snow globe,being repeatedly turned in all directions,more upside down then right side up.
What sort of day could this frost laden dismal wonderland bring for me.
The bird feeders empty,the steps icy,the driveway filled with snow and a wind chill factor almost Alaskan like.
From my kitchen window I spyed a neighboring tree limb with two large seemingly well fed red cardinals near the empty feeders.
Oh joy of joys.
I don't know what it is about these red little creatures that can bring a song of happiness over my being,but they do.
Suddenly the sun began to shine brighter and the green from my peace plant sitting on a nearby table,made me feel as if life had returned to what seemed,a few seconds ago like a dismal white out.
After changing into my winter clothes,my dog and I decided to venture through the ever increasing piles of snow to the empty bird feeders to fill and restock all their out door treats.
Then to the drive way and steps much in need of cleaning and shoveling,A smile came to my face has I thought about one of my resolutions to increase my activity levels,personally the thought of more walking came to mind back then,not more shoveling.
Oh well cardio is cardio.
With my out door chores complete it was time to call my friend,whom I had not spoken to in over a week and see if she had made it through the past week of snow,ice and rain.
Conversations with friends are always nice and today's was no different,we both agreed spring could not come soon enough and discussed our future plans of travel,fitness and activities.
After having lunch it caught my eye that my two miniature sunflower plants,which I planned back in the first week of this month,were now about one inch tall and seemed surprisingly healthy,soon there will be several sunny flowers in the house.
January can be a hard month,what with the snow,ice,rain,cold and just plain dreariness it requires us to be our own joy makers.
We are forced during this month to live with ourselves and think of things that can bring a simple smile to our faces.
I think as I clean today I will make plans to brighten up this beige looking place.
inspirations of yellow,greens,pinks and blues need to begin to make an appearance in this lack luster place.
Maybe its time to bring the outdoor colors and feelings indoors,what mother nature can not do for us at present we need to attempt to do for ourselves.
With the sun shining through the windows and the birds dive bombing the feeders out side it is now time to review January and make it as happy a month as any other.
This morning my husband said "I can't wait til March,this snow is ridiculous."
I told him something my mother used to say to us when we were impatient children.."stop wishing your life away,it will come soon enough".
Now that I am older and she is no longer here,those words ring so much more true to me then they ever did.
Awaken your senses to smells,sights,touches and taste and live in the present.
None of us is guaranteed a future.
Have a cup of herbal tea,light a scented candle,sit back and listen to what is around you and realize today is a perfect day,one made by God himself.
Rejoice and be Glad.

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