Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow In new England?

Is it just me or does it seem that most people can not get the concept that if you live in New England and its January,the chances are you should not be shocked when it snows?
Every time we get reports that snow is coming,people act as if the plagues of Egypt,are upon us.
Now I for one am no snow lover and driving through it to get to my job does get me jittery,but I have come to the conclusion if its January and its not snowing we should be more shocked,then if it is.
We are "hearty New Engenders" which means we don't shake and run in fear when a snow flake falls. No we stand brave and tall,dress warm,grab our shovels and make like a snow plow.
When I was a child,playing in the snow and skating on ice was just as much fun as swimming at the lake during July.
Now that I'm older,snow seems to have lost it glitter.
To bad because its still white,wet and fun but I have grown cold to the thoughts of the work required to get around in my adult world.
Maybe we all need to grab a sled,head up to the mountains and spend a week at a ski lodge just to renew the fun of flying down an icy hill and crashing into a snow bank.
We take everything to seriously and when we do we lose sight of the joy that is around us.
Granted its no fun to drive in,but it is fun to walk in.
My dog Christy understands snow.
She jumps the hills,grabs the shovels being used to clear the driveway and basically can find full hearted joy in this fluffy white stuff,falling from the heavens.
So tomorrow morning when you get up,before grumbling about all the work ahead of you,take a minute to really look at the snow and remember when it used to be fun,then go out and clean your car off.
Keep in mind that a few months from now spring will be here.
In the mean time live for the moment and don't wish your life away.
Blue skys will soon be here.

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