Friday, January 7, 2011

Follow Up

Harry Truman said something to the effect of "I spend most of my day trying to convince people to do the jobs they were hired to do".
Amen Harry...
Last night,after our community meal,Fr.Peter was telling us how he has been trying to get the much needed kitchen permit form the Town Hall,in order for us to show verification to the food bank for our request of food assistance to help feed the poor in the community.
Oh headaches,dear headaches.
I am a nurse and can tell you up front "Fr. I feel your pain but your preaching to the choir."
Just that very same afternoon while attempting to do my work and following up on my staffs work,it came to mind,has I was chasing an aid and patient going out to a doctors visit,with the ladies 2ND tank of oxygen,she was to take with her.
Man how did I come to be every bodies mother chasing them out the door.
Are these people lazy or crazy you ask? No they are not,but they,like myself,are trying to do the work of 6 people with a staff of 4.
My job,unfortunately,is to make sure everything is done,while also handling multiple other issues from people who think its "all about them."
I spend a great deal of my day looking up information for people,who if they called the proper offices could get this information themselves,but alas they leave it in my every busy hands.
Has dear Fr.Peter pointed out "here is a person who works for the town and has no idea what sort of permit he is to issue us or how to go about getting the needed paper work.
Yes this employee may be making $70,000 a year but to follow through seems to be the issue of a poor priest trying to feed the hungry in his small community.
Paper work and red tape its what we've come down to.
Not only do we pay people to do a job,we also have to convince said people to do it completely and not to expect everyone else to pick up the pieces.
Of course if such things were said this same town funded person, may have had his nose out of joint and may decide to make things hard on our small community church and shut our food share down,like right now.
So not only are we insulted by paying this person way to much salary,but we are also required to make him feel important and loved.
Now public service to me,means paying some one to assist you not the other way around.
Once again doing the right thing requires us to turn the other check for the good of the many awaiting food.
Thank God we had Jesus,who when he walked this earth taught us how to be humble and forgiving,because some days require more forgiveness then others.
The devil is once again throwing a wrench into the works.
Just realize it,accept it and move forward.
My new motto.


June Burt said...

Love your Blog! I also work in nursing home!

linda said...

good to hear from you and a fellow nursing home worker..not to brag but we are a special breed..thank you..i know you don't get told that enough..