Friday, January 28, 2011

What's Your Hurry People?

So this morning when I got up and left the house,I had the joy of trying to figure out how to get out of my driveway and down the street.
We have so much snow here that all we have left for space on our street is an area big enough for one car.
The snow piles are so high you can not even see around them,so backing out of the drive way is a gamble,at best.
Thank God for four wheel drive and snow tires.
After doing a 10 point turn I finally made my way out of this tundra we call my street.
Once on the road things went pretty well except my gas pedal was reluctant to be pushed down,but How could I blame the vehicle,because I was in no hurry myself.
With heat on and gloves still half wet,from yesterdays shoveling,I made it to Main Street in Webster Mass.
I decided to take School Street which was to be my final destination.
Unfortunately when I turned onto said street a School Bus was trying to pass a garbage truck with no success,mostly because there was more snow piles then road.
Deciding to try my luck else where,I backed up then drove farther onto Main Street,picking up a road by the neighborhood school and grabbing a couple of secondary,or thirdary streets.
Driving was tight to say the least,with enough room for one and a half cars,not two.
Now I don't know why people are in such a rush but I was always taught in drivers education that the car on the straight away has the right of away,not those coming off a side streets.
First someone tried to run through a stop sign,but luckily my four wheel drive kept on moving,then someone tried to head on down a main road,onto this street while I was trying to get up a hill.
Putting me in the position of backing down into a small parking lot,which naturally,this person was trying to get to.
Ah well safe at work and parked behind a snow pile,taller then me,I decided to just get into my work place.
At 5 pm,on my way home I stopped at a gas station and once again had to preform my now popular ten point turn,which by the way I have perfected,just for these tight situations.
Home again,home again,how happy I was. Deciding that backing into the drive way would be good for my exit in the am.
With confidence high and only 5 tries my car was safely fitted into it's now cocoon.
Rather proud of myself I swung open the door and stepped into about 3 feet of snow, which I now navigated through to get to my front steps.
Tomorrow morning the plan is to get in on the passenger side then climb over the seat,thus missing the snow pile all together.
Oh boy two more mornings of interesting driving,since its my weekend on.
Suddenly I think I need some Excedrin I'm feeling a migraine coming on... ouch...

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