Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Bombing A Christian Church In Egypt

During the New Year weekend a Christian Church in Egypt was bombed by what could be questionable fundamentalist involvement.
Riots broke out has Christian groups took to the streets to protest the fact that their country does not protect their rights to be Christians and worship in their own church on a Sunday Morning.
To be fair I worked most of the weekend and paid very little attention to the news but I can tell you that when I did I do not remember this story coming to my attention and if it did,it was only briefly.
Some say that because we are Christian,when Jesus walked the earth,He told us we would be persecuted,because he was.
I also remember reading that we are to be peaceful has doves but sly has foxes.In other words don't cause trouble but when it comes know how to meet it head on.
We should not stand around and be the silent majority to people who would kill us,those of us who live in free countries need to stand up and make our points clear that we consider such acts of terrorism,and this is terrorism,in other unprotected parts of the world,to be wrong and unacceptable.
We live in a world were all religions have a right to peacefully practice their faith.
This is not the Roman Empire and we are not a new fringe group,to be massacred at will.
The world is suppose to be more educated then they were back in the year 70 AD.
I know it has become unfashionable to say anything against the Muslim fanatics who feel we are all the enemy and have a mind to kill us.
I personally have absolutely no problem in denouncing any Christian Church that teaches hatred and discourse has part of their fundamental belief system.
It is not only wrong,but goes against our Christian belief system of loving our neighbor and doing good.
If we the strong do not stand up for our weaker brothers/sisters in the world then we are no better then those who committed the atrocities,we have blood on our hands has well.
Things like this happen because they are allowed to.
During World War 2 the Jews went to concentration camps,not because people didn't know it was happening,but because people around the world didn't care enough to stand up and say what they knew and that it was wrong.
Would this have stopped the Germans? Maybe not but at least everyone would have been made aware.
If attacking Christian Churches in Egypt and else were around the globe,are allowed to happen and our own media,in the most powerful country in the world,can not be bothered making a big deal of it,then pray for your safety every time you enter a church in this country,because sooner or later we will be next.
When it happens who will be left to care and who will stand up for us?


Dream said...

I get what your saying, but how do we send the message that its wrong to kill, without killing.

Maybe God has a way of his own. The more globalized the world becomes maybe different cultures and religions will come to respect one another.

I can only hope and pray. Any other way I have blood on my hands.

linda said...

we do not need to kill others to get our point accross, but we need to tell others and insist that our media show it on tv and denounce it,they give their opinions on everything else.
also our president needs to say this is wrong and we do not support such things.
we have diplomates in every country,their job is also to help push the idea that we in the u.s. do not support this.
And what about the U.N. their job is to denounce things that happen in the rest of the world. why have them if they don't stand up for the issues in the world that need to be corrected.
they are supose to be peace keepers.