Thursday, January 13, 2011

Dreaming Of My Garden

You wouldn't think that after spending 2 days shoveling that I would be thinking of gardening,but you,my friend, would be wrong.
Today while watching the birds at my feeders the idea of flowers and butterflies started to fill my head.
The sun sending down its warmth from the heavens above seemed to almost be in my grasp.
Several weeks ago,while at a small discount store,I bought a very tiny,probably six inch,clay pot with dirt and miniature sunflower seeds.
Today while watering it I noticed the first of my 4 flowers,popping its head up through the loam.
The excitement of this tiny gift sent my mind to thinking about a compact vegetable garden come spring.
Now it has been many years since I planted such a garden but this seems like a good time and who knows maybe a good season.
Most years that I have worked on a garden it's always great fun planting in the spring,but as the heat of August comes, the weeding tends to make me wonder why I would toil so hard when the local,air conditioned, market is just 10 minutes down the road.
I don't garden because I feel it will save me money,because most times it does not,nor do I enjoy the labor that goes into it but I do like being able to walk out side when the crops are ready and be able to taste fresh grown food.
Nothing can beat the taste of a red,juicy tomato or cool cucumber.
Storage can be an issue so this year I have decided to grow only what will yield much produce and can be stored easily,to be eaten through the winter months.
One friend of mine told me she grows zucchini then when its mature she shreds it,freezes it and uses it to make bread for the holidays.
Now that's the thinking,storing ideas I like.
So through the snowy winter days ahead I plan to go online and see what ideas are out there waiting for me.
Seed sites, planting ideas,garden designs,yields and storage.
Also,most important to me,is easy does it weeding ideas,because being a slave to a garden is no fun at all.

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