Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ballet And Communism

I am not a very classical person.I find opera boring,except for exceptional male tenors,and ballet not much better.
Tonight my husband and I went to see the movie "Mao's Last Dancer".
This is the true story of a child living in China in 1972.One day he was taken out of his village school house and brought to Beijing to be molded into a ballet dancer.
Up until watching this movie,I did not realize exactly how much work and exercise goes into this beautiful dance and these peoples fantastic physiques.
It reminded me of all the pictures I had seen,has a teenager,of Baryshnikov and how absolutely beautiful and fluid he was in both his dance and movements.
This movie also deals with this Chinese dancer coming to the United States and having to defect to stay in this country,then having to face the fear of retribution to his parents and 6 other brothers.
Having lived through the 60,70 and 80's I can fully remember people living in Communist countries having to defect once in the United States.
Now day most people under the age of 45 probably have no idea of defections or how bad these countries were.When they praise such people has Mao they do not understand how horrible he was to his own country men and how controlled these peoples daily lives were.
Any thing you did could have you thrown in the gulag.There was no such thing as freedom of speech or individual ideas.You were one of the masses and to be educated or wealthy brought with it death,unless you were one of Mao's friends.
Thank God things like that are starting to change.
It really frightens me when people in this country bring forward ideas of how wonderful these dictators were and how they want to emulate their theories for the masses.How foolish
Can these,so called educated people,really be so crazy has to think that the government taking care of all your needs,including you thinking and speech,can be any thing but a bad idea? Especially when most of these people saying these ridiculous things are about my age and understand what these communist countries were really like.
I remember Tiena min square and the students who were arrest and sent to prison to be repatriated,it was not a good thing and China ended up not only looking like a civil rights violator,but being one.
Nothing good can come from to much government control and interference in our everyday lives.

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