Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Worth And Value

We live in a very materialistic society.
Worth is valued at the number of dollars in an account,the designer clothes on ones back and in ones closets and the number of letters after ones name.
Are we really more valuable because we please societies ever present need to one up another person?
I work in the medical profession and let me tell you,you can never have to many titles or letters after your name.It makes you seem more knowledgeable and better able to take care of the needs of others.
Now don't get me wrong I'm not one of those people who feels that money and titles are a bad thing but I just feel if you use these things to give you worth then how truly sad are you in the end.
When you sponsor an event is the main reason you do it for the dollar signs?
Does the applause of what a great job you did mean more then the joy you may have brought?
We value things for all the wrong reasons and we expect good to come out of it for the same wrong reasons.
Why do we as Christians do things,then when done for worldly reasons not understand why the joy we are to feel does not last?
What good is money if you've missed the point of the mission?
Does a church or religious organization spend more time worrying about how to stay afloat then how to throw out a life line and save another human beings dignity.
There are several things we are told by Jesus himself and they are love one another,do not worry about tomorrow and have faith.
Things we all seem to forget when dollar signs do,or do not,roll in front of our eyes.
What is value and where is it? Are we suppose to live more in the worldly range or more in the spiritual range?
I tend to place great faith in the fact that God will lead and sometimes what we may see has failure may truly be success.
We are not here to sit in the boat or the church,when the storms start.
We need to have enough faith,like St.Peter,to step over the side and follow Jesus beckoning to us.
You will never know if you can walk on water if your sitting at the wheel holding on out of fear for dear life while the boat is flooding.
True a church can not survive with out money but it also can not survive with out members and if we lose sight of the opportunities given us to connect to the rest of the world then the point of having our doors open is all for not.

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