Friday, October 22, 2010

Just The Facts

Today is October 22 and by all accounts I can see we still have way to many days and political adds until November 2nd,v-day or vote day.
The fact that the only political adds I have heard,up until now,have been negative,is leading me to believe that I now know more about these peoples teenage antics,unscrupulous lives and personal business dealings and less about their political positions.
This in turn is starting to say volumes to me about which direction this whole mess is heading and its not pretty.
Granted I'm no saint but could we please discuss the issues of government concerns not if this candidate encouraged her wrestlers to use steroids or that candidate bought a business in South Carolina only to run it into the ground and make millions.
Hard has it may be to believe that a wrestler from the WWF would use steroids.. I personally don't care.
True this would make a good soap opera,but it tells very little about the fact of why I should or should not vote for you to run not just my state, but my country.
The clock is ticking with only several weeks left to try and make an intelligent,if not somewhat informed,decision about who will be my next Governor and Senator.
Do me a favor folks could you just come out and lay your points of view on the line?
I'm not sure if these personal attacks are being done on purpose,just to keep me from knowing the truth or if its just laziness on the part of the candidates.It could also be they possibly fear that what they say they will do they may have to try and live up to,but lets forget all that and try to get a spine here people and stand up for your principals.
I know one thing,it certainly does not give me that warm fuzzy feeling of confidence in any of you.
Help me I'm confessed and may end up tossing a coin to narrow down my decision and aid me in my choice while standing in the ballot box..
Has our man Sargent Joe Friday said on that memorable show Dragnet "Just the facts Mame,just the facts."
OK folks,I'm a big girl,give it to me straight why exactly should I be voting for you?
Because if you don't know why your the best choice then I certainly don't know why either.

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